graphic organizer

Project Planning Sheet

Before young children begin a project it helps if they have a plan.

Your students may have recently come up with a brilliant idea.  

When ideas stem from children they are more engaged in acting on them and usually quite motivated to complete them.  But child-initiated projects can be daunting for the teacher and the child.  It helps to think a few thing through to get started.  


This planning sheet will help the children think about their ideas; what materials they will need to accomplish the project, who they would like to work with, and how they invision the final outcome.  They can draw pictures of what they plan their creation will look like, as well as the supplies they need.  






Click on the planning sheet or here to access the printable sheet.


Do not forget about reflection and self-assessment when the project is complete.  

This can be done orally or with drawings.  Here are some things you can say or ask:

  • Tell us about your project.
  • How do you feel about your project?
  • How did you create your project?  What resources or materials did you use?
  • Did your projet turn out the way you hoped it would?
  • Did you work well together on your project?  (If the child worked with others)
  • Did you have any difficulty completing the project?
  • Do you wish you had other materials for your project? 
  • Is there anything you would change or do differently if you did this project again?


Click here for a checklist that can assist teachers in assessing the completion of an activity or project.