Observing Children at Play: Questions to ask before, during, and after

Play is a rich time for promoting global development. This document can help you reflect on the play practices in your classroom so that you can maximize the benefits and offer rich play experiences.

The document contains questions regarding the environment, the materials, and the time frame.   It also includes questions regarding how the children interact with each other and the materials and space, as well as the kind of interventions done by the teacher.  There are also a few questions to reflect on why play may not have such a prominent role in some classrooms.  Access a printable version of the document by clicking on the photo below or by clicking here.

“Sufficient time and space should be set aside to enable each child to be actively engaged in play, perhaps one or two 45-minute periods per day.  If children are not given enough time to play, they will not fully engage in it, and the activity will remain superficial at best.  Outdoor play is also important, particularly for the development of motor and social skills, and should be scheduled on a regular basis.”

Preschool Education Program for 4-Year-Olds, p. 6