graphic organizer

Response to Literature Recording Sheets

These sheets, which can be used following a read aloud, promote reading comprehension by allowing students to consider a variety of reading strategies.

  • It is essential that there be time for talk before filling out these sheets. See the Think, Pair, Share strategy below.
  • It is not necessary to use these sheets every time you read a book and doing so would take away the joy of reading aloud for pleasure.
  • Using these sheets periodically throughout the year will help children develop awareness of important reading strategies that they will use for their lifetime, hence slowly building on essential comprehension skills that they will learn more about in the coming years.
  • Tip-Write the title of the book on your printout before photocopying, to save you time.  There is no benefit in having the children use their precious time to recopy the title of the book.  This will also distract from the purpose of the sheet and take away from drawing a meaningful response. 
  • For more ideas to foster reading comprehension in kindergarten, visit the 'Digging Deeper' section of the I Can Read! page of this web site.