emergent writing

I Can Write! How to Promote Emergent Writing

By establishing opportunities to model writing, creating a print rich environment, and providing engaging moments to explore writing, the teacher is validating the children’s need to communicate in written form.

Here you will find best practices to promote beginning writing skills, strategies to stimulate the children further along the journey of becomming a writer, and tips for those at-risk in regards to phonics and phonemic awareness development and fine motor skills.

The Quebec Education Program states that, “In preschool education...(children) discover that the written word is an object of pleasure, research, communication and learning.  To satisfy their need to communicate, they explore various forms of spontaneous writing behaviour.”  p. 60

Rather than simply recopy, kindergarten children should be encouraged to use drawings, symbols, numbers and letters to represent their message.  As they begin to learn about letter sounds, they can be encouraged to hear sounds in words and write the matching letter or pattern.

Below is a link to a Canadian research study on the benefits of invented spelling.  The brochure is 8 pages, so keep clicking on "next page". https://labosenechal.wordpress.com/parents-and-educators/invented-spelling-intervention/