at risk

A Teacher's Toolkit

Helping Special Needs and At-Risk Students in Kindergarten

This invaluable resource can be referred to as a guide to support children with specific challenges, needs, or difficulties. The teacher is taken through a step-by-step problem-solving process, with organized forms for documenting everything.  These forms can be presented to parents, principals, or specialists, if the need arises.    


The toolkit, developed by a team from MEES, can be found on the LEARN web site by clicking here.  


The Toolkit is divided into 3 sets of documents, which can be viewed online or printed.  

The first set of documents is an Intervention Planner.  It helps the teacher identify the child's needs by creating a portrait of the child.  There is place to write your plan of intervention, as well as to keep track of observation notes.

The Quick Behaviour Locator will help you easily find and narrow down the specific area of concern, based on the six competencies.   

Finally, the Intervention Strategy Suggestions is packed full of concrete ideas and timely strategies in line with the Quebec Education Preschool Program, that you can begin implementing right away. This section is broken down by competency, and begins with the specific area you wish to target (I want to help a child TO...) followed by a list of things to consider such as the teacher's knowledge of the topic, the classroom environment, the organization of class activities, as well as the child's history and family life, all of which can impact the child's behaviours. After considering these important elements, there is a list of strategies the teacher can try in an effort to support the child in a warm and secure environment.